Upcoming WebYeshiva Series to Focus on Drunkenness

Beginning this upcoming Monday and continuing for the following four weeks, Rabbi Dovid Fink will be teaching an online course drunkenness in halakhah.

The course is scheduled to take place June 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29 at 1pm EDT (10am PDT & 8pm IDT).

Focussing on drunkenness, Rabbi Fink will be considering “certain halachic ramifications, such as exemption from mitsvot and criminal liability, prohibitions of instruction and prayer, qualification to enter contracts, etc.”  Rabbi Fink will also deal with what constitutes drunkenness. (Related: see “Drinking & Praying? How Do The Rabbis Approach Drunken Prayer?”)

Reached by email, Rabbi Fink says that source sheets will be provided, with the sources in Hebrew, with Rabbi Fink translating and explaining the provided textual sources. The sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be “available to all participants shortly after each class and remain posted indefinitely (or at least until our site is hacked, as has happened in the past)” on the course’s page.

There is no charge for the course and you can register through the course’s webpage.

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