Rosh Chodesh Clubs, featuring Yossie Horwitz [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode 155]

Having heard about Rosh Chodesh Clubs, I was curious to learn more about them, as well as to speak with the creator of this initiative, Yossie Horwitz, who is the guest on the 155th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show.

Biography of Guest
Growing up in a tee-totaling household in Jerusalem, Yossie Horwitz didn’t have much early exposure to wine. That all changed one Passover night when he tasted his first quality dry red wine. A lifelong passion was stoked and by the time he was 30 and living in New York City, he was penning a weekly email blast to family and friends sharing his varied recommendations. Today, “Yossie’s Corkboard” goes out to more than 11,000 subscribers around the world and covers the ever-expanding world of kosher wine. Tasting more than 4,000 different kosher wines each year keeps this deal-making attorney-by day quite busy. In addition to his website, you can also view his wine happenings on Instagram.

In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is also available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts:

Time Stamps
0:00 Welcome
0:18 Introducing Yossie Horwitz
0:59 Rosh Chodesh Clubs
13:22 The growth of Rosh Chodesh Clubs
15:35 Feedback and fu
17:06 How Rosh Chodesh Clubs have encouraged kosher wine-drinkers to age wines
19:56 Yossie’s wine story
26:42 The creation of Yossie’s Corkboard
28:39 Yossie buys all the wine he tastes
29:00 Why Yossie has reduced his writing these past several years
30:43 Yossie describes how he chooses to write about the wines he reviews
32:12 Yossie’s wine project
36:30 What Yossie has seen with regarding aging wine amongst kosher wine-drinkers
39:53 What can you find at Yossie’s Corkboard?
40:26 Yossie encourages listeners to try new and different wines
40:49 Yossie reminds listeners that wine is meant to be enjoyed
41:22 Thank you & l’chaim

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