The Jews and Booze Facebook Group

Having come across the Jews & Booze Facebook group, I was pleasantly surprised to see a group discussing a topic near and dear to my heart, so I was glad to have the founder of the group as the guest for the 77th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show.

Guest Bio
For those less familiar with Josh, he is a 35-year old former New Yorker, living just outside of Boston with his wife, Jenny, their daughter, Noa, and their dog, Kugel (who is instafamous). He is also the past Co-Chair of the Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen food festival in Boston and a member of the Jewish Arts Collaborative’s Food Think Tank. He also created Jews and Booze, a community of Jewish people (and friends) who share a love of fine spirits, tzedakah, and light-hearted shtick.

The episode is available in both podcast format and on YouTube; while you can listen to the episode on your preferred podcast player, you can also listen to it here:


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