Schedule for the Remainder of 2021 of The Jewish Drinking Show

Having announced the summer schedule for The Jewish Drinking Show a few months ago, I am now excited to share the schedule for the remainder of 2021 (and, yes, I did slip in a 77th episode that was not on that summer schedule).

As mentioned in that summer schedule announcement, there will be new episodes publishing after the fall holidays. While I am hoping to publish these episodes as listed, they may be subject to change:

  • October 5th – Episode #78: Pandemic Liquor Sales (NJ) with Mendy Mark
  • October 12th – Episode #79: Pandemic Liquor Sales (Israel) with Joel Haber
  • October 19th – Episode #80: Cocktails in Mochers Magazine with Yissie Steinhart
  • October 26th – Episode #81: Kosher Cocktails Enthusiasts Facebook Group with Dovid Statman
  • November 2nd – Episode #82: Zohar and Kiddush with Prof. Rabbi Joel Hecker
  • November 9th – Episode #83: Medieval Halakhah and Gentile Wine with Prof. David Freidenreich
  • November 16th – Episode #84: Rabbi Moshe Isserles, Wine, & Censorship with Prof. Marc Shapiro
  • {Off for Thanksgiving Week and beginning of Hanukah}
  • December 7th – Episode #85: Taverns in the Talmud with Prof. Laura Lieber
  • December 14th – Episode #86: Homa’s Day in Court with Noam Sachs Zion

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