Kosher for Passover Spirits, Liqueurs, and Cocktails

If you have been wondering this Passover what is there to drink besides wine, someone has put together a list for kosher spirits and liqueurs.

Suffering Pharoah (source: Barshtender)

In addition to kosher for Passover tequilas (and mezcals & sotols), Leibel Khazanovich has put together a list of certified kosher for Passover spirits, liqueurs, and more. The list includes araks, vodkas, gins, and rums, as well as cognacs, brandies, and more.

Marorinha (source: Barshtender)

Khazanovich has also posted a handful of kosher for Passover cocktails, if you are interested, as we head into the final weekend of the holiday:

  • Suffering Pharoah, a take on the Suffering Bastard
  • Marorinha, a sharp tequila spin on a classic caipirinha
  • Licorice Staff, also known as a Licorice Stick
  • Brandy Flipover, a classic brandy flip for those willing to brave a whole raw egg
  • 5th Son’s Cup, a child-friendly mocktail based on the NY Sour

However you decide to spend this final weekend of Passover 2021, wishing you a happy and healthy Passover. L’chaim!

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