Tentative Lineup of Forthcoming Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show for the Remainder of 2023

Having previously published a lineup of October-November 2023 forthcoming episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show, I hereby present an updated tentative lineup of forthcoming episodes for the remainder of 2023:

  • 28 November – Ami & Larissa Nahari: Starting a Kosher Wine-Importing Business [Episode #147]
  • 12 December – Josh Quinn: Creating a Distillery with Kosher-Certified Products in Kentucky [Episode #148]
  • 19 December – Prof. Rebekah Walton: The Stubborn and Rebellious Son [Episode #149]
  • 26 December – Rabbi Drew Kaplan: Drinking During Mourning [Episode #150]

As always, these publication dates are tentative and subject to change, so stay tuned.

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