Pandemic Pivoting in Israel with Joel Haber

How has the alcohol industry in Israel pivoted during the COVID-19 global pandemic? Returning as a guest to The Jewish Drinking Show to answer this question is Joel Haber. Haber speaks on how breweries, distilleries, and more have pivoted during this time period.

Haber has been working on “The Taste of Jewish Culture”, a project on Jewish food through the ages (you can also check out the project’s Facebook page). Through this project, Mr. Haber has also been researching beverages, as well, about which he had previously spoken as the guest on episode #32 of The Jewish Drinking Show, “An Introductory Overview To Jewish Drinking Through The Ages”. He is currently on a speaking tour in the United States on Jewish food topics through next month.

Haber is also a tour guide in Israel, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram. You can also email him at JewishFoodBook [at]

The episode is available both on various podcast platforms, as well as on YouTube:

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