Cincinnati Wine-Tasting Event: October 28, 2021

The lineup of wines to be served at the event

In 20 days, a wine-tasting event will be taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio to explore wine in the Jewish tradition and wine-tasting. Taking place at the Mayerson JCC on October 28th at 7pm, “An Introduction to Wine in Jewish Life: A Pairing of Tasting and Tradition” will be exactly that: an introduction to wine-tasting, as well as an introduction to wine in Jewish life.

With Simon Levin from the Royal Wine Corporation discussing the wines and wine-tasting (for more on Royal Wine Corp. (also known as Kedem), check out episode #42 of The Jewish Drinking Show), I, Rabbi Drew Kaplan, will be providing an overview into wine in Jewish life, starting with a Biblical overview, then proceeding into how the Rabbis of the Talmud discussed/considered wine, and then moving on into wine in both Jewish law and current Jewish practices.

I have been thankful to work with the professionals at the Mayerson JCC in their organizing of this event, and excited to pair up in expertise with someone from Royal Wine Corporation. I think it will be quite the experience for everyone involved!

Registration may be found through the registration button on the Mayerson JCC’s event page. You can also check out the Facebook event page.

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