Medieval Jewish Legal Authorities (Rishonim) on Purim-Drunkenness

With Purim taking place at the end of this week, drinking on Purim is curiously an interesting topic of discussion. With the Talmudic statement to get drunk on Purim (for more on this topic in the Talmud, see this episode featuring Prof. Jordan Rosenblum), how do the medieval Jewish legal authorities deal with this matter?

To discuss this issue, Rabbi David Fried returns to chat with Rabbi Drew Kaplan for the newest release in’s podcast & video series. Rabbi Fried currently serves as part of the Judaic Studies faculty at Hebrew High School of New England and graduated from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School. Rabbi Fried previously appeared on episode #23, “How Many Cups of Wine to Drink at a Mourner’s House – 10 vs 14?”.




Rabbi Jeff Fox helpfully pointed out that Rabbeinu Efrayim being quoted in Provence is a much earlier Rishon and a talmid chaver of the Rif. Also, Mahariv = Mahari Veil = Maharil

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