Chicago Rabbinical Council Updates Kosher Liquor List for 2022

The CRC liquor list has been updated today

[Editor’s Note: the 2023 list announcement is here]
According to their website, the Chicago Rabbinical Council has updated their kosher liquor list today.

Categories include American whiskey, bar stock items, beer, Bourbon, brandy, Canadian whisky, Cognac, gin, hard cider, hard seltzer, Irish whiskey, liqueur, mead, rum, rye whiskey, sake, Scotch, tequila, vermouth, vodka, and other alcoholic beverages.

According to the list, it is “updated regularly and should be considered accurate until December 31, 2022.”

Further according to the document, “due to continual changes in the liquor industry, alcoholic beverages which are certified as kosher are preferable to those which are merely ‘Approved’.”

The Chicago Rabbinical Council’s kosher liquor list is one of the most consulted lists of kosher liquor.

One thought on “Chicago Rabbinical Council Updates Kosher Liquor List for 2022

  1. Hi,
    I got a Glenfiddich grand cru 23 yrs – is it ok to drink?
    Thanks for your list it’s very helpful.

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